- How it works:


Provider of hotels, guest houses, apartments, etc. must to register to place their offers on

(Registration of the holiday guests is not necessary. They use this platform for free).


  1. Top right click REGISTER

2.   Create new account (Only provider of accommodation in Crete)

2.1. Enter user name and valid email address

2.2. First name and surname enter

2.3. Tick Type of accommodation (hotel, rooms, etc)



3.   Then enter the correct string CAPTCHA and (3.1) "Create an account" click button

4.   You will receive an email confirmation that your request will be checked by an administrator. After careful consideration your account will be activated. You will then receive an email with a link that directs you to the page to set up your password.

5. After your account activation click to LOGIN right. On top of the home page.


6. Enter under account 

6.1. your username and your

6.2. password and

6.3. confirm by clicking on "Login"



7.  Click on NEXTto explain how to create a holiday accommodation.